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About Plasma Optik

We Help Increase Your Coating Production 

Plasma Optik offers optical thin film Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) services. We provide additional IBS capacity for your optical thin film production needs and can assist with your overflow and backlog when you need it most.


In the Plasma Optik cleanroom, we use Plasma Process Group’s state-of-the-art Techne thin film deposition tool that produces high quality optical coatings with layer control at the angstrom level using an ion beam sputtering process. Optics are loaded onto substrate holders attached to a planetary fixture on the system door. Recipes are programmed and run on the touch screen allowing this fully automated system the capability to deposit the most challenging optical designs.

Plasma Optik Cleanroom

Industries Served

We strive to deposit the highest quality optical coatings that have the lowest losses. We like to engage with customers who want the best coatings for their products. Our customers are in a variety of major industries.



IBS coatings offer solutions for high speed fiber optic network. The high-end coatings are typically used in DWDM passive multiplexers that require very narrow bandpass filters with tight wavelength tolerances.

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Optical filters designed for specific sensing instrumentation can be done as proof of concept or small batch using IBS deposition. We can help your R&D team deposit conceptual coatings so they can be tested as proof of concept before going into manufacturing.


The demanding environment of this industry requires the most robust and advanced thin film coatings achievable using IBS. The attributes of low loss, ability to withstand harsh environments, and superior adhesion are just a few key reasons customers look to IBS for optical component enhancements.

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Why Choose Us

Honest, Expert Engineers and Technicians

We like working with our customers to solve challenging problems. We treat all customer interactions as confidential. Producing thin film coatings is our specialty and we can help you achieve your goals and assist depositing the coatings you need. We have been using IBS coating systems for over 20 years.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

We use a Plasma Process Group, Techne ion beam deposition tool equipped with a white light optical monitor for accurate optical coating deposition. The system is fully automated and perfect for small batch processing. We handle our optics in a clean room equipped with a particle counter and flow bench for added cleanliness.


IBS coatings are inherently deposited at slow rates which allows for very accurate turning point control. We have optimized our facilities to provide maximum throughput and minimized downtime. We will strive to provide accurate time estimates for project completion. Our database and coating facility is designed to archive a coating process and retrieve it years later for an exact duplicate.


The IBS coating on your optic is your secret sauce. We treat all customer interactions as proprietary. Should you need to scale up production, we will provide you 100% transparency about the recipe and process used to create your thin film coating. Upon request, we can also share all of the machine and run data for your coatings.

Let's Work Together

If your current backlog for IBS coatings is growing or you just need a few optics or several batches, please contact us. We can help you meet your IBS coating deadlines.

Depositing IBS coatings is our area of expertise that we are more than happy to share and help you solve the coating challenges that you face.

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